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14 January 2019

LUMERGO’s CEO Arno Hendriks is thankful and humbled with the incorporation of LUMERGO. LUMERGO is sharing with its clients over 20 years of power and energy infrastructure knowledge. From origination, business development, capital raise & M&A process to operations and management of power plants as well as the distribution of electricity From Biogas and distributed gas engine power plants, to Gas Turbine power plants. And solar, hydro and wind power plants. LUMERGO has hands on experience in a wide range of power infrastructure.

According to Mr Hendriks; “LUMERGO’s main focus is to accelerate tomorrow’s SEA infrastructure by project development, advisory and investments in the power infrastructure. Cleaner energy and modern infrastructure will provide fundamental growth opportunities in the long term. Today, few global business sectors have more opportunities and challenges than the Energy & Power segment. Market participants are struggling to meet the demand for clean technology, or satisfy the insatiable appetite for electricity in South East Asia, while, at the same time, coping with challenges such as increasing government regulation and more stringent environmental pressure. “

LUMERGO provides a wide array of advisory services that address the strategic, financial, and technical needs of various stakeholders involved in the production and distribution of electric power, emerging technologies and renewable energy in various emerging markets.

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