Our Code Of Conduct


Not, either directly or indirectly, offer, grant, promise or request or accept anything of value made to a public official or to a private sector employee, with the intention to influence that person’s behaviour and obtain an improper advantage in the conduct of business.

This prohibition includes facilitation payments. Only offer gifts and business entertainment that are proportionate, within reasonable limits, and never with the intention of influencing. Avoid all conflicts of interest that may adversely influence business relationships.


Identify and meet all relevant environmental legislative and regulative requirements, maintain all applicable licences, registrations and permits, and work according to an environmental management system delivering resource efficiency, as well as emergency response preparedness.

Evaluate the environmental performance of its activities, minimise environmental impact, and make continuous improvements in environmental protection.


Forced Labour: Not participate in, or benefit from, the use of forced or compulsory labour, or human trafficking in any form. All labour must be voluntary. • Ensure that employees have freedom of movement during the course of their employment and are free to terminate their contracts at all times.

Child Labour: Not employ workers under the age of 15 (or in those developing countries covered by the ILO exception, 14 years of age), nor benefit from the use of child labour, and not employ young persons under the age of 18 for hazardous work.

Health & Safety in the Workplace: Commit to local occupational health and safety standards for both direct and indirect employees, and give employees mandatory training, information and protective equipment necessary to perform their tasks safely.

Take best possible emergency preparedness measures. Establish and use a health and safety management system, which includes accident reporting.  Ensure that, if providing housing for its workers, such housing is safe and the living conditions meet international health and safety standards.

Working Hours, Wages & Benefits: Comply with applicable laws, industry standards and relevant collective agreements on wages, working hours, breaks, public holidays, leave and compensation in case of overtime. Provide employees with an employment contract that is written, understandable and legally binding.

Non-Discrimination: Not base recruitment, remuneration, training, advancement, benefits, discipline, dismissals and any other employment-related decisions on characteristics that are not related to their merit or the inherent requirements of the job. Protect employees from harassment, whether committed by their colleagues or by management, and provide appropriate grievance channels.